Ink & Toner Recycling

NeedEmpty: at the forefront of ink cartridge and toner recycling

At NeedEmpty, we firmly believe that printer cartridge recycling is a priority in the infamously wasteful printer industry. It is important to understand that every small gesture counts. Starting an ink cartridge and toner recycling program at your business or school can prevent a considerable amount of ink and toners from ending up in landfills.

Recycling printer cartridges is ecologically responsible and good for your health

Every year, millions of ink cartridges and toners end up in landfills, slowly leeching poisonous chemicals into the earth. The plastics used in the printer supplies that we use are made of sophisticated polymer plastics which have a very slow decomposition rate (500-1000 years), but are highly reusable and conducive to recycling processes.

Another shocking fact about toners is that the powdered ink is composed of a mix of iron oxide and carbon powder. The main component in this carbon powder is a substance called ''Carbon Black'' which have been classified as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer1.

Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges Can be Profitable

NeedEmpty's ink and toner recycling program is not only focused on helping protect the environment. We also offer you monetary compensation for the cartridges you send.

Simply fill out our form to sell empty cartridges; we'll tell you how much recycling your used cartridges will earn you and we'll arrange shipping so you don't have to worry!

Our ink cartridge and toner recycling program is an excellent way to start a small fundraiser for your school or business. Start collecting used toner and inkjet cartridges from employees, neighbors and your community to make some money, all while making the ecologically-conscious choice to stop ewaste.

NeedEmpty - Sell Your Empty Cartridges

1  "Carbon Black," by Eileen D. Kuempel PhD and Tom Sorahan PhD, 2010, IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, Volume 93