Empty Virgin/Non-Virgin Ink Cartridge

What is the difference between an Empty Virgin Ink Cartridge and a Non-Virgin Empty  Ink Cartridge?

Empty Virgin Ink Cartridge

A “Virgin” cartridge is one that has never been refilled or refurbished, so it has only experienced one life cycle: manufactured by the original manufacturer (OEM- original equipment manufacturer).

Empty Non-Virgin Ink Cartridge

A non-virgin cartridge is one that has been refilled or remanufactured at least once. That means is has gone through (at least) a second life-cycle. When the ink reaches this stage, it is called “Non-Virgin” (meaning already refilled or refurbished).

The practical difference between the two types of cartridges is that the probability of defects for “Non-Virgin” cartridges  is significantly higher than for “Virgin” cartridges counterpart, so they are generally sold at a lower price and seen as less valuable.

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